Certificates of Employment & Residence

● New application, extension, job transfer, alteration, migration, cancellation, report on loss for new application, etc.;●R visa of 5-10 years high-end talents;● Work and residence permit of 3-5 year

● New application, extension, job transfer, alteration, migration, cancellation, report on loss for new application, etc.;

●R visa of 5-10 years high-end talents;

● Work and residence permit of 3-5 years for overseas high-level talents;

● Green card for high-level talents;

● Work permit of 1-5 years.

Dear clients:

     This is Qingdao Global Golden Bridge Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.We are so happy that you chose our company as your visa agent,and It’s our pleasure to serve you. The huge crowd is boundless, can meet with you mutually is a kind of predestination.Your trust and our sincerity build our encounter bridge.

     And here,we inform you that theNotification Letter of Foreigners work permit have already been finished.You are reminded to apply for a work visa at the Chinese embassy in China as soon as possible.    

What follows are material list of applying for Z visa:

     1Your valid passport and its copy(period of validity is no less than 6 months ,it has two blank pages in a row,and its validity is longer than visa validity and detention period)

     2Visa Application Form of the Peoples Republic of China( Please fill in every contents in detail,especially your profession,purpose of visit,number of visits and dwell time etc.); One recent color passport photo(full face, front view, bareheaded and against a plain light colored background) with 48mm X 33mm    

    3Notice on work permit for foreigners in Chinese and English

4Health Check Original and copyIt is suggested to confirm with the embassy if necessary.



After entering into Qingdao,You are required to declare accommodation through completion of <Temporary Accommodation Registration Form>  in local police station within 24 hours after lodging.

You are required to apply for Residence permit in Qingdao Bureau in Charge of Entry and Exit within 30 days after going into China.

Health Check Original must be brought back to Qingdao.


Best Regards,


Qingdao Global Golden Bridge Enterprise Management Co., ltd