Trying Baijiu for the First Time and It's...

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Baijiu has been described as being so complex and deep that it reaches into your soul. However, for us it seemed to reach into your stomach and throw it out again. It's pervasive, divisive, an elixir. It's surprising that few people have heard of it with it being the most popular spirit in the world. 


1.      Zhang Yu Three- Penis Baijiu


Alcohol content: 35%

Home: Shandong province

Content: Seal, dog and deer penis (soaked not blended, do not fear), ten different Chinese herbs and clams.

Aroma: Medicinal



The smell was really vile. But being someone who will try anything, I gave it a swig anyway. The initial taste was also disgusting, but after about 5 seconds the taste actually became quite pleasant, despite knowing that my throat was being burned by three different animal penises. 

Rating: 3.5/5

2.  MianRou JianZhuang 



Alcohol content: 42%

Home: Sichuan Province

Content: Sorghum, sticky rice, wheat and corn.

Aroma: Strong fragrance

3.     Lan Biao Jing Zhi



Alcohol content: 42%

Home: Shandong province

Content: Sorghum, sticky rice, wheat, corn.

Aroma: Soft fragrance.

4.   Xiao Dao



Alcohol content: 45%

Home: Shandong

Content: Sorghum, wheat.

Aroma: Strong fragrance.

5.  Red Star Ergutou 



Alcohol content: 56%

Home: Beijing

Content: Sorghum, corn, wheat and peas.

Aroma: ‘Slight fragrance’                 


On Baidu, it is described as ‘rich and mellow, with a silky fragrance’ but to our great dismay it merely brought tears to our eyes as the burn lasted much longer than the previous alcohols. Not easy to stomach.

Rating: 1/5

As you can see from the overwhelmingly low ratings, that contradict the popularity of the spirit in China, it can’t be that it has awful taste, but perhaps it’s that we are not accustomed to its unique, startling tang. It did get slightly more bearable as it went on and we learnt that the trick 

was to inhale it rather than let it settle on your tongue.