Q&A - China's Permanent Residence(1)

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Introduction                                                                                                                                                                                      The latest announcement from China Immigration Bureau


        If a foreign Chinese with PHD wants to return to China for development                                                                         

       what conditions can he or she meet to apply for permanent residence in China?

1. Foreign Chinese with a doctor's degree can apply for permanent residence in China by submitting relevant materials.
2. His/her foreign spouse and minor children may apply with him/her;
3. The policy will be implemented nationwide without any geographical restriction.

Application Materials

1.Application Form for Permanent Residence in China for Foreigners and ID photos;

2.Copy of valid passport information page and residence permit;

3.Certificate of foreign Chinese (certificate of naturalization of foreign nationality and Chinese household registration cancellation certificate, or the letter of certificate of foreign Chinese issued by the administrative department of overseas Chinese affairs at the prefectural level);

4.Doctor's degree certificate, graduates from foreign universities should provide the certification issued by the Overseas Education Service Center of the Ministry of Education;

5.A copy of the Enterprise Business License, an on-the-job certificate issued by the work unit, and a copy of the Foreigner's Work Permit;

6.Certificate of no criminal record abroad certified by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad;

7.Physical examination certificate (issued by the health and quarantine department designated by the Chinese government or issued by foreign health and medical institutions and certified by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, the certificate shall be issued within 6 months before the date of acceptance);

8.Translation (if the relevant materials are in foreign languages, they shall be translated into Chinese and stamped with the seal of the translation company)。


              Q&A about China's permanent residence                                                                                                     

What are the benefits after obtaining the green card?

No need to apply for a residence permit, free entry and exit
           There is no restriction on the period of residence in China. You can enter and exit China with a valid passport and a permanent residence permit for foreigners, and you do not need to go through other formalities such as visa.

For the whole family, spouse and children can apply together
           Their family members and children can also apply together. Such green card applications do not require continuous residence in China before submission.

Convenient customs clearance
            Inward and outward articles for personal use shall be handled in accordance with the relevant Customs regulations for settled passengers。

No work permit is required
            To work in China, you do not need to apply for a work permit .

Investment and Entrepreneurship
            Foreign invested enterprises may be established by means of technology shares or investment, and foreign direct investment may be made in China with the legally obtained RMB.

Government service
            For investment projects and establishment of foreign-invested enterprises in China, the development and reform, commerce, industry and commerce, foreign exchange and other departments shall simplify the examination and approval procedures in accordance with the relevant provisions on foreign capital management, so as to improve efficiency.

Qualification, examination and registration                                                                                                                               Can participate in the professional and technical post qualification review and professional and technical personnel qualification examination according to the provisions.

 Children's education and nearby schoolin                                                                                                                             If the children who move with them enter the compulsory education stage and meet the conditions, they can enjoy the relevant policies. The education administrative department of their place of residence shall handle the admission and transfer procedures according to the principle of nearby enrollment, and no fees other than those specified by the State shall be charged.

Participate in social insurance
             The permanent residence identity card for foreigners can be used as a valid identity document to handle various procedures for participating in social insurance. Those who are employed in China shall participate in various social insurances in accordance with the relevant provisions of the social insurance law of the people's Republic of China; Those who live in China but are not employed and meet the requirements of the overall planning area can enjoy social insurance benefits by referring to the basic medical insurance for urban residents and the social endowment insurance for urban residents. Handle the transfer, continuation, termination and other procedures of social insurance relations, and social insurance agencies shall simplify the procedures and provide convenience in accordance with relevant provisions.

Invest and pay the housing accumulation fund
              According to the regulations on the administration of housing provident fund and other provisions, the housing provident fund deposited and used in the work place can be withdrawn or transferred according to the provisions when you leave the area.

House purchase
                It is not subject to the restriction in the opinions on regulating the access and management of foreign capital in the real estate market that foreign individuals need to work and study in China for more than one year to purchase commercial housing for their own use in China, and may purchase commercial housing for their own use and residence in China in accordance with other relevant provisions.

Banking Business
                In handling banking, insurance, securities, futures and other financial businesses in China, the permanent residence permit for foreigners can be used as an identity document and enjoy the same rights, obligations and statistical ownership as Chinese citizens.

Foreign exchange business
                The income obtained in China can be converted into foreign exchange and remitted abroad after paying taxes according to law and holding the tax certificate issued by the tax department for external payment. Foreign exchange business can be handled in accordance with relevant foreign exchange management regulations with the permanent residence permit of foreigners as the identity certificate.

Travel accommodation
               If you take domestic flights in China, you can go through relevant boarding formalities with the alien permanent residence ID card; If you take a train in China, you can buy a train ticket with the alien permanent residence ID card; If you stay in a domestic hotel, you can go through the relevant check-in formalities with the alien permanent residence ID card.

Driver's license application and motor vehicle registration
               In applying for a motor vehicle driver's license and handling motor vehicle registration, they shall enjoy the same treatment as Chinese citizens. For the first time, apply for or renew the motor vehicle driver's license of the people's Republic of China with an overseas motor vehicle driver's license. If the applicant meets the conditions for applying for or renewing the driver's license, he can present the permanent residence permit of foreigners, the accommodation registration certificate and the physical condition certificate issued by the public security department. After passing the examination, the public security organ shall issue the motor vehicle driver's license of the people's Republic of China. To apply for motor vehicle registration, you may go to the public security department to handle motor vehicle registration business by presenting the alien permanent residence ID card, the accommodation registration certificate issued by the public security department and the relevant certificates and certificates of motor vehicles.

Accession to or restoration of Chinese nationality
               To join or restore Chinese nationality, the public security department shall simplify the procedures and speed up the procedures in accordance with the relevant provisions.